Mark 1 – 2017 To Do List (Part 2)

Devotional 2 – 2017 To Do List part 2

We closed last week’s devotional with this question, “Will 2017 be a year of self-service or a year spent in the service of the Lord who gave his life as a ransom for you?” Let’s strive to be busy in 2017 in the service of our Lord Jesus Christ. There are many things we can be busy doing in the coming year, let’s be like John the Baptist in Mark 1:1-3. John the Baptist was busy preparing the way of the Lord.

In Bible times when the King was to go on a long journey, he would send out trusted servants ahead of time to prepare the way. These servants might remove obstacles, build bridges or clear tree branches to ensure the king’s journey was as smooth as possible. God can still use us in this way today. Often people have issues and struggles from the past that are keeping them from Christ. Jesus may send us out in front of him to prepare the way and help someone through these difficulties preparing them for the day they know Jesus as Savior and Lord.

In Mark 1: 3-8, John the Baptist also proclaimed the Gospel and the Greatness of Jesus Christ. Let’s be busy sharing Gospel and the greatness of Jesus in 2017. Pray for opportunities to be used of God to help someone come to know Christ in the coming year. We may be removing obstacles or building bridges or trimming trees. Are you ready to be used of the Lord in 2017? Pray and ask God to help you prepare the way of the Lord for someone this year. Pray and ask the Lord to empower you to proclaim to Gospel and the greatness of Jesus Christ in how you live and what you say.

~ TJ Joyner

James Oliver
James Oliver is a follower of Jesus Christ, a pastor, a husband, a father, and a friend. He loves people passionately in an attempt to imitate Jesus Christ's love for people.

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