Mark 2:4 – “Son Block”

Every believer must walk through valleys where the “Son” seems to be blocked. In these valleys, our relationship to God isn’t what we long for it to be and we struggle. We desire to grow closer to Jesus but something seems to be blocking our way. In Mark 2:1-11 we find some great remedies for “son” block.

  • Think outside the block. Jesus promised He will never leave us or forsake and we must hold fast to His Word. Mark 2:3-4
  • Focus on what matters most. Jesus saw their faith and he forgave this man’s sin. Unbelief and an unrepentant heart are the leading causes of “Son block.” Turn to Jesus to strengthen your faith and forgive your sin. Mark 2:5
  • Watch out for those who question the power and authority of Jesus. In the valley, Satan will surely send His wolves in sheep’s clothing to lead you further astray. Don’t listen to them. Mark 2:6-10
  • Do something different, pick up your bed and go where God is calling you to go. It is easy to get comfortable and get stuck in a rut. Ask Jesus to pull you out of that rut and give you the strength to do what He is asking you to do. Disobedience, no matter how big or small is another leading cause of “Son block.”

Spend time this week in pray over your path in life. If your way seems blocked, ask Jesus to help you think outside the “son block”. Tear down the roof if you have to. Ask Jesus to help you focus on what matter most, especially faith and forgiveness.

~ TJ Joyner

TJ Joyner

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