“See, I have set before you today life and good, death and evil.”   Deuteronomy 30:15

God called His people to obedience, to choose goodness and life. There were choices set before them. Just as the Israelites had a choice to make, so do we. We are faced with choices of good and evil, life and death. Some crossroads will feel more prevalent than others. In our current cultural and societal climate, we might be tempted to think of life and death as only a politically charged choice. However, we must push past the hard drawn lines in the political arena, and press into souls. When we move past only standing for a political movement, we have the freedom to look into the eyes of the hurting and carry them to the feet of Jesus, the ultimate healer. When we are able to cross party lines, to engage in soul work with the broken, then we truly engage in the battle between life and death, good and evil. Let us remember that the choice for life or death begins in our heart of hearts, where we choose to allow or not allow the Holy Spirit to chisel away at our rough edges and produce a love for people, that can only be driven by God, himself. When we speak, may we be filled with grace. When we reach, may it be to lift the fallen. When we listen, may it be to truly hear. When we look, may we see through the lens of God. I pray that our stand for life and goodness is never overshadowed by our opinions or debates, but that our feet are firmly rooted in the grace and truth of Jesus. He lifted the hurting, convened with the broken, loved the unlovable. This, my friends, is how we choose life and goodness.


Stephania Whitfield

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