Mark 12:31 – Love?! WOW!

The second is this: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.”
~ Mark 12:31

Love. Wow! What a powerful force. Love has the ability to heal the broken, the sick, and even find the lost. What an amazing gift this emotion is the chance to share it with everyone. But is love really an emotion or is it measured in our actions and how we treat one another?

This neighbor can be a stranger or a friend but can also be your spouse or your children. When I get home after a long day the thing I want most is to get home and see my beautiful children playing and my loving wife smiling, food on the table and a clean home right? But life happens and laundry does not always get done and the kids are fighting and guess what? There is no aroma of a pot roast cooking! Now, here is why I say love is not only a choice but based on our actions. I have thought of it in both terms.

I could go in guns blazing and tear down my wife with hurtful words and make her feel like a complete failure because the house is a war zone and there are dished piled high and kids are screaming. However, this option to just blow up makes everyone miserable. It honestly got me nowhere but making my children feel like they did something wrong and they don’t know why I’m upset.  Also, my wife feeling like she is less than worthy of being my partner.

Love Is The Answer

Then I quickly realized that “Love” was the answer to my outburst of anger. Instead of lashing out for things that had not been done around the house, I comfort my children by giving them a big hug and a kiss. Even if they are in the middle of being rambunctious, they light up when I get home and I lift them up in the air and tell them I love them dearly and missed them. I roll up my sleeves, give my wife a big kiss and ask her how her day was. I ask what did not get done that day and if there is a way I could help her finish up the chores. This option led to guess what? Dinner being cooked for me when I got home, kids wanting to be around me and help me wind down after a long day. They take off my shoes and are happy to do it even bring me my house slippers.

I could go on and on about things that happen every day but if you get anything from what you read here, please know that love is a choice you have to make every day and let us show truth by our actions. So no matter what your day may bring or how infuriated someone makes you, stop think about it and make the choice to love your neighbor and know that we are all children of God. Who knows? Your love and kindness might just be what changes a person’s perspective in their own life.

Horacio Berrones

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