Mark 2:13-17 – Here Comes Trouble

Jokingly, people often say, “ here comes trouble,” when a friend enters the room. That is a classic line that never gets old and always gets a laugh but all joking aside, are we able to see trouble coming? If we can see trouble coming, we can take shelter or other corrective measures to prevent the damage it will bring. Looking at Mark 2:13-17 we learn some ways to recognize when trouble is coming.

  • Trouble is coming when someone is not seeking truth in Jesus. Mark 2:13 (“the crowd was coming to Jesus, He was teaching them”)
  • Trouble is coming when someone is not following Jesus every day. Mark 2:14 (Jesus said to Levi,”Follow me.”)
  • Trouble is coming when someone is still in the place Jesus has called them to leave. Mark 2:14 (“Levi rose and followed Jesus”)
  • Trouble is coming when people are on the outside of the church looking at fellowship with Jesus instead of being at His side around the table of fellowship. (The Pharisees saw Jesus eating with tax collectors and sinners) Mark 2:15
  • Trouble is coming when someone believes they are better than others. Mark 2:16 (The Pharisees asked the disciples,”why does Jesus eat with such people?”)
  • Trouble is coming when someone does not see their need for redemption. (Jesus did not come for those who think they are already righteous but for sinners.)Mark 2:17

Like the sirens going off before the tornado hits, watch for these signs of trouble, repent and turn to Jesus for shelter before it is too late.

TJ Joyner

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