God’s Loving Wrath – Romans 1:18

This Bible verse teaches that the wrath of God is revealed from heaven. It teaches that God’s wrath is against all the ungodliness and unrighteousness of people. God’s wrath comes against the unrighteousness of people because unrighteousness leads to the smothering of truth. When truth is smothered reality can be redefined, and people can justify their sinful inclinations. People love to hear about a God of love but the Biblical God of loving wrath is not winning any popularity contests.

God’s wrath is defined in the “New Illustrated Bible Dictionary,” as “the personal manifestation of God’s holy, moral character in judgment against sin. Wrath is neither an impersonal process nor irrational and fitful like anger. It is in no way vindictive or malicious. It is holy indignation- God’s anger directed against sin. God’s wrath is an expression of His holy love. If God is not a God of wrath, His love is no more than frail, worthless sentimentality; the concept of mercy is meaningless; and the Cross was a cruel and unnecessary experience for His Son.” (page 1322)

When people are tempted to justify sinful behavior with the idea of a loving, forgiving God, someone should remind them of the price that Jesus paid for our forgiveness. What does God think about the sin people so easily justify? Look at His Son on the cross, bleeding and beaten beyond human recognition. Listen to the cry of God’s Son as He suffers God’s loving wrath against sin and utters, “My Father, My Father why have you forsaken me?” The life-transforming, saving God of the Bible is a God of loving wrath and all will benefit from thoughtful and prayerful meditation upon this expression of God’s Holy love.

TJ Joyner

Pastor@ Walnut Springs Baptist Church

TJ Joyner

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