Beautiful Feet

As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!” -Romans 10:15

We have so many resources at our fingertips, in terms of Bible Studies, churches, the Word of God on our phones, conferences, retreats, etc.. However, I fear that at times we focus solely on bettering OUR faith, or focusing largely on how WE are being spiritually fed. Don’t get me wrong…it is good to grow in your faith, but how much better is it to share this wonderful news? Scripture is clear, that our calling as a follower of Jesus, does not invite us to stay in a bubble or focus inwardly, but instead, we are commanded (Matthew 28:19-20) to focus our hearts outwardly as we seek to draw others to the saving message of Jesus. How beautiful are the feet of those who share the good news…at home, work, school, moms group, homeless shelters, volunteer opportunities, in friendships, with our kids’ friends, and even in our traditional mission mindset overseas. What do your (metaphorical) feet look like? Are they calloused and worn from bringing the gospel, often uncomfortable, or are they smooth and polished, from a quiet, comfortable journey? Do you know the joy of bringing a person to the peace and rest, found in Jesus? Let us turn our hearts outward. Friend, your feet may ache, but your soul will sing!

Stephania Whitfield

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