James 1:17 – God Has This!

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.
~ James 1:17
Do you ever struggle with the thought of: “Am I on the right path”? “Am I where I’m supposed to be?”
The funny thing is that I consistently have to remind my wife not worry. I say “Leave it all in Gods hands it will work out. You will see”.  
I honestly do not believe in coincidence. There are times when finances are exhausted and there is food that needs to be put on the table. Next thing you know, your wife is in the middle of laundry and finds a $20 bill to hold us over until payday. Just this past weekend me and the family were on an outing just driving around when I got this feeling that I needed to visit my father. Now with no preparations (Clothing, Toiletries etc.), we head down south for a 4 hour trip to San Antonio. The day was perfect and the children had a blast  with the top off of the Jeep and it was truly a wonderful day.
So we arrive in San Antonio at my parent’s place when my father was so confused, but so happy that we had arrived. You see, he himself, had been praying for help for their mode of transportation that hauls their trailer because it had been broken down for over 2 weeks. Without that vehicle, it really put a strain on their way of life. My father is very weary of mechanics and does not have experience enough to do the work himself. Especially when it comes to electrical, which, by the way, is my expertise. Within a few hours, we had that thing purring like a kitten sleeping on top of a cabinet out of reach of the 2 year old!
We talked for a few hours that night and we are still in awe at the way things always work out. It really is remarkable when you have those moments when you feel that you are right where you were supposed to be! The moments where you know you’re part of God’s bigger plan and you’re being used a tool to answer another persons prayer!
Horacio Berrones

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