Breathe of Life

Then the Lord God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.
~ Genesis 2:7

They had been working on the new playground over summer break. The last thing to be installed was the new “Jungle Gym”. Now to a third grader— IT WAS HUGE! A trip back to my old hometown proved that things are often times “larger-than-life” when you are younger. We couldn’t wait to play king of the hill and master the beast!

Eventually, the inevitable happened. Ricky and I had wasted no time in proving our mastery over the Jungle Gym and often times I found myself sitting on the top of the world. Somehow though, my footing was not of the mountain goat caliber that I had hoped and I found myself looking up at the sky, ringing in my ears and gasping for air!

If you have ever had the wind knocked out of your lungs, there is only one thought in your mind…I’m going die if I don’t get some air!

Life sometimes throws some pretty tough punches. At one point you are on the top of the jungle gym of life and the next, BAM, you’re looking up with a ringing in your ears gasping for air.

It is at that time you realize that if you don’t get the breathe of God in your life and lungs…you’re gonna die! You see, the same creator that gave man his breathe in the beginning, is the one that sustains you during your life. Or at least He should be. We get things going in auto pilot, mastering our hill of dominion and forget that He is the one that breathes into us the very essence of life.

Keep your face focused on the Father. Make sure that you are getting your daily breathe from the Father. For it is only when we breathe in His breathe, that we really begin to have life.

Jeffrey Gillum

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