Can You Trust God?

And now do not be distressed or angry with yourselves because you sold me here, for God sent me before you to preserve life.”
~ Genesis 45:5

Several chapters in the Book of Genesis, Joseph’s brothers had sold him to slave traders and then lied to their father and told him Joseph had been killed by wild animals. Now, Joseph was revealing to his brothers that he was alive and well. Is a matter of fact, a prophetic dream he’d had as a young man had just come true. His brothers were there bowing before him as one of the big wigs in Egypt.

This particular scripture reminds me, that sometimes God allows things to happen that we can’t see the reasoning behind. It doesn’t make ANY sense at all. When Joseph was sold by his own flesh and blood brothers, how confusing would that have been? I can only imagine his prayers if he were like me during that time. “God, how could you let this happen to me?!”, “God, why don’t you LOVE me?!”, etc. He was more than likely confused by the dreams he had because he knew they were from God. He had a hard time seeing God’s plan through the fog.

God Reveals His Plan

But, years later, through so many trials in his life, it was finally revealed WHY he’d been sold into slavery. It was because God knew that he would be obedient to Him throughout his life. In his obedience, he would always seek God’s will. He would be sold to Potifer and be elevated in his home. He would be thrown into prison and elevated there. He would rise up above all in Pharaoh’s home. Then, eventually, he would be able to save his family from the famine that had struck across all of the lands due to the drought.

God had a purpose for Joseph that was hard to see. God has a purpose for you that may be hard to see because of what you’re going through or what you’ve been through. Stay after God’s heart like Joseph did. Like King David did. Like our Lord and Savior, Jesus, did.

Can you trust him through what you’re going through now trusting that He has a greater plan?



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James Oliver
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