Deep Sea Creatures

Some of God’s scariest looking creatures live in depths of the ocean. Take a look at a few of these creatures.

The Bible says that some pretty scary and wicked stuff lies in the depths of people too. Written thousands of years ago and attributed to King David, Psalm 36 verse one declares, “Transgression speaks to the wicked deep in his heart; there is no fear of God before his eyes.” The word transgression is defined by the “New Illustrated Bible Dictionary,” as the violation of law, command, or duty. The definition of the word wicked is, “evil in principle and practice.” When the Bible talks about the “heart,” God’s Word is referring to the emotional center where humans, as created beings, think, experience feelings and make decisions.

Deep within all of us (Romans 3:23) is a sinful nature that desires to break the laws of the God who created us. Deep within all of us is a voice speaking falsehoods against our Creator and urging us to rebel, disrespect or just ignore the God who sustains our lives. To silence that voice and break through the lies we need to hear, accept and believe the Word of God and the finished work of Jesus Christ our Savior.

Which voice is speaking most deeply in your life? The voice of transgression or the voice of Jesus found in God’s Word.

Pastor TJ @ Walnut Springs Baptist Church

TJ Joyner

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