Can We Be Real for a Minute?

If we’re honest…can we be honest?

This psalm starts out in classic Davidian style. David starts with asking God how long will he be forgotten. Forever? As he continues through the chapter, his questions are so honest, so real and genuine, it brings me to where my relationship with the Lord is at the current moment. How often do I come to the Lord in honest surrender, such that I am willing to ask Him the questions when I feel forgotten, or lost, or doubtful? I have always had the mindset that asking Him those questions meant that I had a lack of faith. It wasn’t until I was talking with a mentor of mine during a time of grieving in our community, that he made the comment “help people to know that letting God know they’re angry about something is okay. He’s the one who gave them the ability to be angry, and He’s big enough to be able to handle people telling Him they’re angry, whether with Him or with a situation.”

As the psalm continues, David admits he feels defeated (vs. 2b-4), that’s something that we don’t often want to admit. We want to feel invincible, bullet-proof even, but that mindset is proven foolish when we encounter difficulties in life that we don’t have answers for. David ends the psalm with the above verses, acknowledging his gratitude to the Lord for His steadfast love. For dealing with him bountifully. Being bountiful doesn’t mean we will have an easy life, materialistically or emotionally, but when our focus is given to the Lord who provides so selflessly for us, we will understand the abundance of His grace. We will understand the provision that He gives us in the times of need that we constantly have in life. We will stop asking him for things we don’t need, things that will harm us, and instead see that He gives us what we need.

I encourage each of us to look and acknowledge the Father’s steadfast love for us, and realize that He has given us something so amazing despite our lack of deserving it. I urge each of us to become humble and honest before Him, because He can handle our questions, our distractions, and our emotions, if only we would just talk to Him.

Phillip Whitfield
Phillip Whitfield is a passionate follower of Jesus and a youth pastor, husband, father, and an all around nice guy! When he's not sun tanning on the beach in South Texas, he's studying to teach young people about Jesus and hoping to support parents in raising up their children in the ways of God so that they never depart from it!

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