Grace Over Grace

“Here comes another….”, before she could finish the word wave another large and powerful wave washed over her and her brother. The red flag warning on the beach meant that a barrage of large waves would be washing into shore non-stop. The kids screamed in excitement as the waves swept over them and before they could get their footing another would arrive. Just as the waves washed over the children playing at the beach, so it is with God’s grace!

John 1:16 says, “Indeed, we have all received grace after grace from His fullness.” Like waves constantly washing over us, God’s grace sweeps over us again and again and again and again. If that seems repetitive and somewhat overstated, then my mission was accomplished. Rest in the promise of God’s word that the Lord’s love is never failing and because of that we are not consumed or destroyed by our sins but instead, we receive grace, mercy, and forgiveness.

Why is it that we have been given this amazing grace? What have we done to earn or deserve this grace over grace? Our answer is incredibly hard to believe in this world of transactional and conditional love and forgiveness. The reality is that we have down nothing to be worthy of, or deserve this gift of new mercies every day. As we see in our text from John 1:16, it is “out of HIS fullness” that we receive that undeserved grace. It is in God’s whole, complete, and perfect love that grace pours over us!

It is God’s fullness, not our worthiness, which makes the repentant heart restored by a loving God. The world may have space for condemnation, shame, and see those who fall short unworthy of forgiveness, but God sees His children through the lens of Jesus Christ. God’s fullness means that when He sees His children fall short of His expectations and cry out with a repentant heart, He only has room in His heart for grace and forgiveness.

So I encourage you today, if you have become discouraged in your walk with the Lord because of your lack of perfection, wade into His sea of grace. Let the waves of love and forgiveness crash over you again and again. Just the moment you think you have done too much or gone too far, the next large and powerful wave of grace washes over you. Wave after wave. Grace after grace.

Resting In His Grace,

Joe Ward

Joe Ward

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