You Are A Warrior

In Genesis 1:27, we see that we are created in God’s image. I’ve heard many variations of what this means, but I believe at the root, we have been given a heart like God’s to love. This heart for love has been skewed by our sins.

If we are created in God’s image, then we are like God is in some ways – In Exodus 15:3, we see this, “The LORD is a warrior; the LORD is his name.” – The Lord is a warrior. If the Lord is a warrior, that makes US warriors at heart also right?

I’ve seen a lot of warriors in my time in movies. When I think of a warrior, here’s some of the characteristics I think of:

  1. Fearless – A warrior goes into battle fearlessly to to win the battle. In the moment, they can’t consider anything but winning. If their focus is on their family at home, or possessions, or anything, it could cost them their lives. They go fearlessly into battle focused on the win.
  2. They Train – A warrior trains hard. They train in their craft at all times. They do not gain the title “Warrior” and training is over, they continue to train daily and train others to do the same. They never stop keeping fit for battle. When they train, they’re gaining muscle memory so that when the time comes, they don’t have to think, they can just react.
  3. They’re focused – A warrior who has trained for battle, and goes fearlessly into battle is focused. They have a goal – to keep their body under their control. If their mind doesn’t have their body under control, they could turn and run away from instead of into battle. They focus on the enemy and they don’t stop pounding on the enemy until they have submitted or are dead.
  4. They fight for their king and/or country – They are fighting for the greater good of something bigger and better than themselves. Think of all of the great warriors – Biblical and non-biblical. David fought for Saul and God. Gideon fought for God. All of the Israelite warriors fought for God. Armies of present fight for their king or president or country. They believe in their country and place value on that above themselves. They’re fighting for good over evil.
  5. They wear armor – A warrior is prepared for battle with their armor and weapons. This armor can’t completely prevent them from being killed, but it can take many of the blows to keep them alive longer.

If the Lord is a warrior, Christians, then we have the heart of a warrior in us. Warriors who fight for honor, for good, for love, for our creator God. We need to stand up and fight for the truth. We need to fight for love. We need to fight for Christ. But rest assured, He goes before us. We’re never in battle alone if Christ is our King. He goes before us.

No warriors can be passive in the battle. Often, we say that the battle is already won. I believe that. But, there’s an ongoing battle in the spiritual realms until that time when the battle is over. We cannot sit back and be passive in the battle. We can’t be “lukewarm” sitting up on the fence watching as the battle takes place and then join the winning team when it’s over. We need to be right in the battle.

How can we be warriors for Christ?

  1. Know our King – If we’re not a child of God, we’re not fighting on the winning team. If we’re a child of God, we need to fight for the truth. Please understand, I’m not saying to go out on a killing spree or fighting people physically. We battle in the spiritual realm. We battle against the unseen. We fight against an enemy that is God’s adversary.
  2. We need to be focused – We must be focused. Our focus needs to remain on the King of kings. He will be our guide in the battle. If we’re focused on Him, the enemy can’t hurt us while we’re battling for the King. We can be focused on Jesus through our prayer time, and through reading His word.
  3. We need to train – We need to be studying and memorizing scripture. Remember from the Apostle Paul’s comparison of the Roman soldier’s armor to that of spiritual things? We need to put on the armor of God each and every day. We need to wear it and be used to it. When a warrior first begins to wear their armor, I’m sure it’s uncomfortable. It probably wears callouses onto their skin. It probably adjusts how they move and react to different things to compensate for it. We train so that our reactions are immediate and like second nature. We train so that while in battle, we make less mistakes due to our muscle memory.
  4. We need to be fearless in battle in the spiritual realm. We have a God who goes before us. We have no reason to fear anything. It’s the same reason that King David, when he arrived and heard Goliath was confused as to why God’s people were allowing it to happen. He was like “who is this guy compared to God?!”. Turns out, he wasn’t really a big deal. NO FEAR. FEARLESS WARRIORS!

Be a warrior for Jesus. Train hard. Go into the spiritual battle strong. Have control over your flesh to quit sinning. Repent quickly when you do. Put on your armor every day. Be ready for ANY battle when they come up!

I want to say more, and clarify more. But, I’m already 10 minutes past due and I started typing at 20 minutes until 6pm when this was due!

God bless you! I’m right beside you focused on the King. I’m the one yelling at demons and stabbing God’s adversaries with the sword of the spirit!

James Oliver
James Oliver is a follower of Jesus Christ, a pastor, a husband, a father, and a friend. He loves people passionately in an attempt to imitate Jesus Christ's love for people.

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