Service…Why is it So Hard?

Jesus – The Ultimate Example

When we look at the life of Jesus, we see that He loved deeply. He loved so deeply that He gave His life on the cross for ours. That’s the reason that we all hear about, and rightfully so. But what sometimes gets lost in the fray, is the fact that He didn’t come to elevate Himself above all others or to gain notoriety and fame. He came in humility. His purpose was clear from the start.

In Mark 10:45, Jesus even states His purpose. As a pastor, sometimes I forget that I am not supposed to try and act as though I don’t have to serve. Jesus showed us that example through His life. Not only did He say it, but He lived it. Sometimes as Christians, we forget that we’re called to serve those we don’t think deserve it, or those that it’s hard to serve.

This past weekend, I got to see some of my students working their tails off to serve other people. My junior high boys got the privilege of raking a two-acre piece of property. Yes, I said two-acres! I didn’t hear a single one of those guys complain, except when they ran out of trash bags to put the leaves into. I got to see my junior high girls pull weeds and move brush at two different locations. When I asked them if they had a good time, they all responded with an emphatic “YES! This has been a blast!!”

I used to be concerned about asking students to serve during a weekend event like Disciple Now weekend. I used to worry that I’d ruin their fun, and I even planned a Disciple Now event without a service day because of that worry. I look back now and realize that I was asking them to not follow in Jesus’ footsteps by not asking them to serve.

Bottom Line

Sometimes it’s uncomfortable to serve. Sometimes it’s hard to serve those who we think don’t “deserve” our help. However, Jesus said it was His purpose on this earth. We’re called to be imitators of Jesus, so therefore, we are called to serve. My prayer is that we find someone to serve today. Find someone who doesn’t treat you right and show them Jesus’ love through your actions and through your words.

Phillip Whitfield
Phillip Whitfield is a passionate follower of Jesus and a youth pastor, husband, father, and an all around nice guy! When he's not sun tanning on the beach in South Texas, he's studying to teach young people about Jesus and hoping to support parents in raising up their children in the ways of God so that they never depart from it!

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