Biblical Equations

I never excelled in mathematics. In high school, I was very close to not graduating due to the mathematics portion of the TAAS test. I took the test for the last time, three or four months before graduation. I had failed the test on two other attempts and if I did not pass it this time I was not going to graduate. The day of the test I was very stressed out, but I did the best I could and hoped for a positive outcome.   When the results came in, I remember being called to the counselor’s office and wondering if I was going to walk the stage with my friends or not. The counselor informed me that I had passed the test but just barely. She said that if the test were graded from 0-100, I would have received a 70. Well, she might as well have told me I received a scholarship to Harvard because I was ecstatic over passing that awful math test.

 My struggles in mathematics continued in college and thankfully I was called into the ministry because my degree did not require me to tackle calculus or trigonometry. Instead, I was able to move into Biblical equations and is what I would like to share with you today. This time of year we must take the time to deeply reflect on the life, death, and resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ. We must consider the love of the Father who willingly sent His Son. The love of the Son who willingly sacrificed His life and the power of the Holy Spirit who after the resurrection filled and empowered the weak and fearful apostles to transform the world.

Reflect on this Biblical equation this week:

God’s perfect love + the life of His perfect Son + the death of His Son on the Cross + victory over death through resurrection = hope for the vilest sinner = victory over the cruel grave = life abundant and eternal = power to overcome fear and failure while continuing to transform this world for the glory of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

Now that is an awesome equation. This Easter season it is my prayer you will open your heart to the Father’s love, open your mind to the life death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and receive the Holy Spirit. Happy Easter!

TJ Joyner – Pastor of Walnut Springs Baptist Church


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James Oliver
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