Find Refreshment in the Lord


Rest in Him

We spend so much time trying to find comfort in the newest things, the most popular self-help book, from Dr. Phil. How often do we really find something lasting from any of those sources? Solomon wrote “Don’t consider yourself to be wise; fear the Lord and turn away from evil. This (emphasis added) will be healing for your body and strengthening for your bones.” Proverbs 3:7-8. We think that we can follow the latest fad, whether it be dieting, quick monetary gain opportunities or any of any myriad of things. God’s word tells us that we shouldn’t consider ourselves wise, but instead to turn from evil.

What evil is he talking about here?

The way I see it, we fight the evil of feeling like we have to compare ourselves to others around us. We base our success and status in society based on if we drive a car that is as nice as our neighbor, or if our house is furnished with the newest, strangely spelled items from Ikea. We even compare ourselves to others spiritually, and that is a dangerous pitfall.

I know that I find myself frustrated with the fact that I’m not a graduate of seminary, much less even an undergrad program yet, and that I don’t feel as accomplished as many of my colleagues in student ministry. However, I can’t let my lack of educational completion dictate how I study and teach God’s word. I can’t compare myself to one of my fellow student pastors who has his doctorate (Ph.D) and has taught at the college level for several years, instead, I have to remember I can learn so much from someone like him.

How Do We Know We’ve Made It?

If we constantly compare ourselves to others, thinking we’ll find relief once we “get there”, we’ll never find refreshment in the Lord, and our bones will never be strengthened. We’ll live in a state of constant dissatisfaction and will be left with a feeling of inferiority because we don’t measure up to someone else’s level of accomplishment.

Don’t lean on your own wisdom, don’t try and figure everything out on your own. Quit comparing yourself to the people on the front of the magazines who are being proclaimed “The World’s Most Beautiful…”. Those things are fruitless and pointless comparisons and endeavors. Instead, be who God made you to be and pursue Him over all things. Let His face shine on you, and let His grace be where your identity is found.

Keep on keepin on, and reflect Him in all you do!

Phillip Whitfield
Phillip Whitfield is a passionate follower of Jesus and a youth pastor, husband, father, and an all around nice guy! When he's not sun tanning on the beach in South Texas, he's studying to teach young people about Jesus and hoping to support parents in raising up their children in the ways of God so that they never depart from it!

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