It Is Not As Important As You Think It Is to Review The Bible App

Every few days I open my bible app and it asks me if I love it. It’s so needy. I tell it “yes”, and then I say I’ll review it later and then I don’t because I’m so busy. I’m always busy. I hate my smartphone. It reminds me of how busy I am. It has a calendar to remind me that if I miss one installation support at work or one appointment with my child at school, I have failed as both an employee and a parent. Everything demands our time, and as a society that’s very new. We consume more information in a day than someone from the Middle Ages did in their lifetime. (Source) Because of this our children now have the same anxiety as a patient of an insane asylum in the 1950s. (Source) This is new to us, but it wasn’t new to Jesus.

Jesus knew the importance of retreating whenever life pressed into Him. The knowledge He had far outstretched ours and the pressures He had were far greater. He recognized the need for drawing boundaries and finding time to spend with his Father in solitude. Matthew 14:23 tells us that “…after he had dismissed the crowds, he went up on the mountain by himself to pray. When evening came, he was there alone”. Luke 5:16 tells us that He would do this often.

We are taught that loneliness is pathetic and that we need other people. It’s true that the company of others shouldn’t be neglected. But never let the emergencies of this world overwhelm the important things. Solitude is important, and prayer and time alone is necessary.

My prayer for you this week is that you will find the time away from the world, and that you will find enough time that even your thoughts are quiet until finally all you can hear is His voice and feel His peace.

Blake Fowler
Husband of one, father of three. Follower of Christ, leader of practically nothing until people force him to be. All around okay guy, honestly.

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