Don’t Go Back!

“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.” Galatians 5:1

I came across this scripture recently and knew it was something that I wanted to study and think about. Prior to breaking it down my initial thoughts were focused on a single word within that text. Freedom. This single word brings so many thoughts to mind. I personally can’t hear the word without thinking of Mel Gibson shouting it during the movie . His speech and questions to his people in that scene are very fitting for this idea though. He simply asks what they will do with that freedom….will they run only to live for more days or fight with the possibility of death? He also asks what the days of living while running would mean. To me this sounds like going back to the burden, and to slavery.

I comment on that to say this: we are set free through Christ. Through His death and resurrection, He has given us the key to every lock we will ever know. In knowing Him we have full access to this power and deliverance from all that is evil or burdening in our lives. The question then becomes what will we do with this freedom? Will we attempt to use it selfishly and go back to our carnal ways or will we set aside our own desires and use this freedom to serve Him?

The wonderful news in this is not only that He has granted us this amazing freedom, but that through Him we don’t have to go backwards. Never again do any one of us as believers have to backtrack and be “burdened again by a  yoke of slavery.” So the question I’ve been asking myself is what am I doing with this freedom? My answer is that I want to keep moving forward and standing firm in knowing that my true Savior has released me from any bondage I could have known. To answer the question Mel poses, I would much rather fight for something I believe in versus running for nothing just to save a few days, which in the end could prove worthless.

I would love for us all to embrace this thought and truly think about what we do with our days in our freedom with Christ. I want to stand firm and never take on that yoke of slavery again.

~Kenny Stahl


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Kenny Stahl
Kenny Stahl is a believer who currently lives in Ruidoso, NM. He's passionate about sharing Jesus with anyone he can. He's a father to 2 wonderful children. He's been writing devotionals faithfully for Inscription since January 2017.

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