I have heard a thousand sermons about the urgency of the Gospel, and understandably so considering its life saving ability. I myself have preached countless sermons about the importance of making sure that we are living with a Christ-like concern for the spiritual condition of all of those around us. Today I want to take a different approach to a piece of scripture that has been the key passage to many of these messages of urgency, Ephesians 6:15. Paul writes in his instructions regarding the armor of God, “and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace.”

It does not take a theologian or an exhaustive study of the Greek language to understand that no matter which translation you refer to, the key words in this text is “readiness” and “gospel.” However, I want to look at two other words that reveal to us the personal and unique message that God gives each one of His believers, “feet” and “fitted.”

Let’s begin with the first word, feet. There are two types of running, distance and sprint. One is a journey of perseverance and the other a battle of raw speed. When we speak to being urgent in the spread of the gospel, we are to look at it with life-saving urgency. Speed is of the essence, lives depend on it. With that said, world class sprinters don’t just use any old shoe they pick up at a local Wal-Mart. They spend hundreds of dollars on shoes that fit every contour of their feet ensuring that they can provide and maximum capacity. As goes the feet, so goes the performance of the runner.

Now let’s look at the second word, fitted. The shoes of an athlete are often made specifically for the athlete. The take scans and design each shoe, no two are the same, even on the same athlete. The shoe is fitted specifically for the athlete, the track they will be running on, and the goal the athlete is called to accomplish.

Just like each athlete has specific needs to accomplish the goal in which he or she has been training, we as believers have needs in order to accomplish the goal in which God has created us to accomplish. We were all born to reflect God’s glory through sharing the message of grace and love in what Jesus did for us on the cross.

God has fitted each of us with a specific set of circumstances, successes, failures, tragedies, and victories in order that we would be able to accomplish carrying the message of Christ in our individual mission fields. No two believers testimony will be the same and each one is unique from others so that we will be ready to share testimony to those who need it the most. God is the author of our life and knows every curve, every bump, every win, and every loss that we will endure and uses that for His glory and the furthering of His kingdom. We are “fitted” with a unique message for our unique journey.

This week, take solace in knowing that God has a plan for your life and in the words of James, “count it all joy” when bumps and bruises come about. After all you are being molded, fitted, and made for His glory!

~Joe Ward

Joe Ward

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