Hope In The Lord

But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” Isaiah 40:31

I appreciate this is an extremely popular verse and one that is often quoted and referred to. In fact I have had a feeling writing this that it might have been used by another one of the Inscription writers prior to this. In any case I chose this verse because it has been on my mind and has also come up several times in reading different places these last few weeks.

First of all, this scripture has been the favorite verse of several very special people in my life. Many of them are no longer with us here on Earth but thinking about them having such a hope in the Lord and renewed strength gives me such a beautiful peace. Just thinking of a friend or loved one soaring like an eagle and never becoming faint or weary because of their hope in the Lord is such a wonderful image in my mind.

Before this verse helped me to remember these people in my life I was expanding for other reasons. Once again my thoughts were drawn to the extreme weather that has already, and is potentially affecting so many people in various parts of this country. I put myself in the shoes of those waiting for a storm they know is coming and the damage that could follow. Even though possessions aren’t even close to being most important in our lives just thinking about this could make a person lose hope.

The beautiful and most encouraging message in this verse comes from the fact that we can find hope in the Lord. If we do that He promises that our strength will be renewed. This renewed strength gives us the ability to soar like eagles as well as run and walk without ever growing weary or faint. I know it is very easy to lose hope sometimes in the face of adversity. Circumstances can seem so dark at times that the thought of holding on to hope seems impossible. Yet we must all understand what is available to us when we do place this hope in the Lord. I pray we all bind ourselves to this hope in Him and know He will guide us through all trials in our lives without ever becoming faint.

~Kenny Stahl


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Kenny Stahl
Kenny Stahl is a believer who currently lives in Ruidoso, NM. He's passionate about sharing Jesus with anyone he can. He's a father to 2 wonderful children. He's been writing devotionals faithfully for Inscription since January 2017.

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