Every Bit of You… All the Time

May God himself, the God of peace, sanctify you through and through. May your whole spirit, soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. The one who calls you is faithful and he will do it.” ~ 1 Thessalonians 5:23-24

By its very nature, this verse depicts so much of what Christ has intended for each and every one of our lives. Its notice and intent are both clear and direct from the beginning. God himself wants all of us to be sanctified; that is to be set apart and declared holy in His eyes. While this scripture is very direct it is also a calling for us to act.

One section of this verse seemed to really jump out at me more so than the rest. That part is the description of the wholeness of ourselves that we are to keep blameless. I understand that “whole spirit, soul and body..” would relate to the entire being of a person. I think what jumps out at me is the not so ironic fact that Christ knew what His creation (mankind) was to be and how they would behave. Seldom is a time that we truly place our entire being in the completion of any undertaking. God Himself knew that we would need to be reminded to really put our proverbial backs into what He was saying.

He also knew that for this to happen, I mean in order for us to put our entire being into being kept blameless, we would have to certainly allow Christ to be involved in each and every aspect of our lives.

We cannot separate our “spiritual or religious” lives from the rest of what we are. We also cannot obey God in only parts of our lives. Finally, we certainly must not allow ourselves to be the lukewarm Christian and only live for him a few hours or a day a week. If our entire being is to be kept blameless at His coming we have to act in such a way until that time comes. Simply stated: if we have everything to gain we should only be required to risk everything to get there.


~Kenny Stahl

Photo Credit: Xavier Coiffic

Kenny Stahl
Kenny Stahl is a believer who currently lives in Ruidoso, NM. He's passionate about sharing Jesus with anyone he can. He's a father to 2 wonderful children. He's been writing devotionals faithfully for Inscription since January 2017.

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